Task 3: Evaluate the project outcomes –

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In my final film I believe my strengths here were finally understanding how to place a narrative structure in a small time frame given, the competition we were to enter was depict which only accept 90 seconds worth of film, Although going over this would mean getting submitted to Encounters, another competition which accepts up to 30 minutes worth of film.

The main part of my project that was a strength was the planning, My planning I believe went well and all in place, as a weakness was that i find in many projects was time management, I spend too much time on the paperwork and only giving myself a small amount of time to create a film, In this instance my planning for this film was well but towards the film making, I had to change the film completely a explain how I would change it, I created a new plan and without changing the story as much, I chose to drop actors and use animals.
this changing my whole genre, as you can’t have a ‘thriller’ based on dogs.

In the future I believe I will spend a lot more time working towards the film more than the idea of the film, My recommendations for the future would be to ensure I start the short film at the same time as the paper work, I personally believe the idea for my short film to begin with was one of my favorite, It is a shame it never properly got made.

During the filming It was mainly myself and the Animal Actor, I got the Animal in question from myself as it is a trained family pet. Having working by myself with an animal and having to film aswel, I found I should of asked for help sooner rather than later, this is the reason as to why Im looking at re doing the whole thing over but with a small team.

My outcomes for further consideration would be to ask for help sooner rather than later, and use the time allocated for the different sections.

I have learnt to always keep to my time management as the production for a film has to be precise, what i have learnt from this project is to stick to one story plan and not change it towards the end, This causes more stress on one plan and you should always stay focused on one story.

This experience in working on a competition that accepts 90 second films is one that alot of budding film makers should enter, this opportunity gives you the chance to push yourself and create a piece you can be proud to say you’ve done in such a short amount of time, These type of competitions are good for helping you understand the requirements needed in a competition also, In the BSe I hope to enter more but with a better idea and skill. I aim for my Bse to include alot of competition entries and be proud to say I pushed myself.

My SWOT analysis:

Learning how to create a story and plan the research for a short film
Understanding the process involved
I believe Ive improved my camera angle skills.

Time management involved
Not asking for help sooner rather than later
With lack of interest in the film once it was noted to feel a fail

having the thought of entering a popular competition
Self confidence in a project

Myself when it comes to asking for help involving the film
Being very one person team oriented