Producer Project – HND YR 2 – Task 2 – 20th

On Monday 3rd November we were given the Producer Project and another person to work with.
I was paired with Joe Bennett.

On Tuesday 4th November we sat as a group to listen to the level threes pitch their own ideas of some modernised brothers grimm stories to us as we had to choose someone to work with and then create our own pitch to ensure we worked with the correct person.

evidance task 2 t
(a budget slide from a level 3 pitcher)

They created slide shows with all the information we required from them during their pitches.

On Thursday 6th November Myself and Joe got together and chose who we wanted to pitch for and created a powerpoint with our main point to pitch about.

We chose to do a tale based on “Hansel and Gretel” by Joseph Broad, We pitched this to Paul along with our second choice of Joseph Coates version of “little red riding hood”

During our pitch we chose to set it out with our points on a powerpoint and included more speech we extracted from our notes and a annotated script we did of Josephs pitch,

Our Pitch:

Shots from our slideshow:

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 13.03.35

we mentioned how we understood how the story would work, and how we liked it was kept original, we also liked the fact he could see his own story working.

we explained why we chose the story and how we chose the story as a pair.
We chose it based  on it’s ability to make us work to our expectations.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 13.08.04

For our audience research we asked members of our class if they would be interested in watching the finished piece or reading more into the story, they explained it would be worth the watch and they would want to see the finished piece.

Our budget for this piece was set as low, as it is a pretty basic piece with a few props along with performing arts students wanting to build a portfolio. Our schedule is based on the level threes schedule which will hopefully begin filming the week of the 24th november.

we are hoping to have three crew members, Using the director as the cameraman, and we are planning to use Jack Given as a sound designer for the piece.
We will be getting the props from Joe Bennett as he offered to provide.

Whilst finding our locations we settled on using Joseph Broads house for the INT. scenes and Around his house for the EXT. street scenes.

The only places we thought of for the woodland scenes are bradgate park and Bleakmoor woods, We will be contacting Bradgate about filming permissions and being in regular contact with Brooksby we will be asking if we can use their wooded grounds for the EXT. wooded scenes.

we kept the locations central to the college due to equipment and our team not having transport, Joe has offered to give a lift to the team as long as it was kept small.

Our equipment list is to a minimum aswel due to space and crew.

The Crew will be using a canon that is available to them, reflectors for the natural light scenes, A Rode mic for  High definition quality, we also chose for them to use the handheld steady cam instead of taking the glide track onto rough ground outside.

we set up regular meetings with our client in order to ensure we had everything he wanted. He seems motivated to create it.