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In this guide there shall be tips and hints into getting a job in the media industry.

We shall start off by talking about the obvious;


To start in the media industry you must of begun somewhere? the best place to begin is a media education!

if you were passionate about how sound was deigned, you’d begin in a sound designing course, although Creative Media courses usually involved every aspect required to have in the media industry.

during this you should have begun to understand what is used in the media industry, ranging from Equipment to the correct terminology.

the best way to do this research either online or in books as many books include the uses too.

Once you have completed education and predominately found your media “calling” you should by now be confident enough to say “YEAH IM GOOD AD 3D MODELLING” from this you would then look into careers in the 3d modelling process.

This can be done via internet or through the establishment you did your degree in.

you must have your own showreel of the work you are comfortable with showing the public or a promising employer.

If you are looking into being apart of the Film Industry it would be handy to know what goes on on set with the roles and responsibilities of the crew.

Many big shots start of from the bottom and work their way up, So don’t be disheartened if you’re a tea slave for the first year of your career, begin badgering for a pre written script of yours to be read or ask to assist on set.

Jobs in the media industry are alot like ‘normal’ persay jobs, they run on the same contracts and include the same hours involved in a normal day.

you must be prepared to enjoy a very hectic day on set.

Your working pattern will vary occasionally.
your paying rate will vary from employer to employer.

You will begin paying 20% of the tax when you earn 31,785
and higher when you earn more.
Occasionally if you are still a student looking at work experiance you will not be taxed due to not earning the standard 204 a week.

In the media industry the employer will keep you safe during the days but it is handy to join a media and entertainment union along the way.

If you become a freelance before you look for a job in the industry you will have more chance at getting noticed because you will have a large archive of work to impress people with.

you will also get far if you are passionate about the work and are churning out good quality.

Your earnings in the industry may start low but will gradually grow with your quality of work.
In my experience of working in the industry  I found it was difficult working with a set crew everyday with only beable to show one skill.
Always be sure you can handle being in one spot light rather than alot!

How to get a job in: Visual effects!

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Framestore is a company specialising in visual effects.

Framestore take on graduate students, the way to get a job in this part of the industry is starting by getting your degree! this could be specialising in visual effects or creative media, by doing this and having your degree you could be open to alot of vacancies!

Escape studios includes courses especially designed for people wanting to become professional in visual effects.

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Becoming apart of the industry seems alot easier than people think, you just need to have the right qualifications :)!