Director for Moving Image Production – HND YR 2 – Task 1

Task 1: A Critical Review of the Role of the Director in Fiction Production.

A) you are required to produce a critical review of the role of the director. To evidence this you can write approximately a 1000 word critical review or create a 3-5 minute critical review video which should focus on the role of the director in fiction production.

2 Major areas to cover are:
– Explanation of the TECHNICAL role of the director
-Explanation of the CREATIVE role of the director

It is the directors role to visualize the script in ways where the director chooses the cast members, production design and the creative aspect of filmmaking.

As a part of the Directors job, S/he will ensure they have the correct team.

A technical job for the director would be to ensure all cameras are set to the correct settings, using the correct lenses if required, ensuring the correct filters are in use and how the shot exactly looks, they also include in their roles ensuring all sound equipment is clear, being used by the correct person, and the same with the lighting. Most directors have the power to hire/fire actors

On set a director has full control on dressing the set and undressing the set, although there are offical people for this job a director will take the role in order to make the set up to their standards and camera worthy.

A director will liase with the producer for alot of the work to work on the given budget and ensuring schedules are on time.

Many directors arent usually on set and will leave the main work for a producer to do but ensuring it is all the directors prompting.

A director will give alot of advice on set to the actors and will often spend most days with them in order to be sure they’ve chosen the right actor for the role and to assist them in any way to make the character better,

A creative role for a director will include the script, A director has the power to change the script to how they see fit, Some directors take it upon themselves to become the camera man or sound designer to to be sure everything is going well.
many directors arent recognised for their work due to the producers always being in the limelight.

A Director is often called a storyteller who needs alot of people and equipment in order to bring the script they’ve found to life.
Directors work closely with every team on set from the sound to the dancers, they will often find the music and choregophray for a scene.

in education many aspiring directors will work towards a bachelor’s or master’s degree programs or obtain training in film theory and technical skills through a certificate program.
they would also have gone through alot of business work to understand the budgets involved with making a film.

“Movie directors need creativity and vision to bring a written narrative to the big screen. Diplomacy is also a required skill for movie directors, balancing the demands of a production schedule with the needs of the cast and crew. Movie directors also need good business skills to keep projects on schedule and under budget.”

Directors can and may also act in their own films, For example Quentin Tarantino has starred in a handful of his own films.

you often find directors will try and link all their films together, such as Stanley Kubrick would often have one same piece of set in all this films.

More popularly in the modern age of directors is using the same actors for the main characters in different films.
For example. Tim Burton will quite oftenly have Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter as his main characters. this is often because directors feel their films are the strongest with people they trust and are used to working with.

Noel Clarke would often act, produce and direct in his own productions that are famously national lottery funded.

Directors would get together with the team before even thinking of filming in order to get to know everybody’s strengths and what they would bring to the set professionally.

Many directors start off as script writers or script editors.
An important thing for a director to have is a portfolio also, Before digital technology, film directors built a reel of film clips from the movies on which they had worked.

Often directors have worked in different fields.
Such as Tim Burton, He started as a animator for disney.

Special Screening For DreamWorks Pictures' "Sweeney Todd"
Tim Burton director of Sweeney Todd

A director acting in a production they are directing.