Producer Project – HND YR 2- Task 1

A) Based on your own research into the role; your experiences so far on the course; and, from discussions in session, briefly explain and compare the role of Producer in Film, Video and TV.

Importantly, discuss what you think are the key differences between the role of Producer for Film & Video  as oppose to the role of Producer for Television.

The Producer for Film is often the role that includes managing the whole production of the chosen piece, A producer turns story ideas in profitable films, They are also in charge of mainly sourcing the cast, the crew and they also hold the power to fire a member of the production.

There is also an executive producer involved in the management of a production, these members are often the face of what happens in public and they get the film out there for the public to see with distribution&merchandise, you often see the exec. producer being interviewed.

During the workflow of the process a producer normally has the weight of the job the exec. producer has and the studio boss involved in financing the picture. Producers work closely with directors and other production staff on the shoot. During some productions more on Television productions the Producer will also have the job of the Director as there are rarely directors on set for a live shot.

Often you find exec producers have been main producers in busy companies before.

The differences between the role of the Producer for Film & Video and the Producer for Television, A producer in a television company such as the news will be the one to order which way the news will be set whereas in film and video they have no control in the structure of the film, they just turn it from paper to film.
The  Executive Producer for a TV production is the reason for the success behind it.
The Producer in TV is basically the one who creates the content for television
The Producer is often classed as the CEO of a TV series/Film.
During A TV series/production, each episode involved would possibly have a different director so the producers and executive producers do the actual job.

A Producer would initially finance the production by helping the Executive producers raise the money for the production, They are also in charge of the production schedule so if a film gets pushed back on a release date, it is the Producers responsibility to ensure the issue that has created that is sorted.
The Executive Producer would be the one to find the piece they find profitable.
They control everything from the Budget to scheduling and the risks and health and safety in the locations they’ve booked out

A few examples of how Producers are under the pressure during a production and being in charge of hiring and firing is to ensure they have the best people for the job, E.G
Producer/Exec. Producer Gale Ann Hurd (the Exec. Producer for AMCs The Walking dead)
Had brought in a life friend to write in her award winning show “The Walking dead” but had to soon after let him go from production due to issues with the network.

producing workflow
(Taken by myself, points of a producer)

workflow producer 1
(taken by myself, the standard workflow of a producer)

a producer in television is behind the scenes making it happen. That may include hiring the crew, maintaining quality control, keeping the storyline interesting and entertaining, overseeing the editing and making sure the project stays on time and within budget.

The exec is mainly on distribution and merchandising for example:
Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 00.16.01
(A shot from Gale Ann Hurd s twitter page (exec. on the walking dead) )

Marketing is not the job of the Producer.