Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 2 B)

Evaluate suitability/validity of research you have discovered.

The suitability of my story is based on how new university students would feel leaving their home town to a new one and leaving a life behind them.
I believe my story is suitable for all ages but mainly based on 18+ because they can feel exactly what the main character would be going through.

during my research in finding the story I was going to use I ensured I was using valid stories by reading a proper bible and using proper websites on the story I have involved.
I also took it upon myself to enter the church where I live to ask for more information but they were busy.

I used a group of people I live with in my age range from 18+ to ask if they would watch a bible story turned modern if it was based on something they had been through before, the outcome was positive.

I think next time I will create some form of video to collate a group of people in and show them watching  a clip from the film and ask if they enjoyed it then explain what it is.

During my research for Enter the Pitch I came across the rules and the formats for everything :