Final showreel:


Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 11.38.15

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 14.20.41

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 14.07.50

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.48.10 Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 13.58.03

During our VISUAL EFFECTS unit we were shown how to create simple sets in Maya, After Effects and Auto Desk.

We were shown things such as Screen Replacement and adding created objects into footage, During our unit we had been taught alot about colour correction and also Camera Tracking.

I originally planned to create a version of Chappie based on this tutorial we were shown in class:


my original Chappie worked well up until it came to rendering, where my issue was I rendered on a slow software and it couldn’t handle the size of the file, it was an enjoyable piece i wish to create again one day, In future I will stick to editing on one computer instead of switching between loads of different ones.

After this I had worked on a still engine that I was going to include into a moving car footage, This seemed particularly difficult, and had also failed during rendering.

Once we had done this I had taken it upon myself to give up, But after watching multiple tutorials I worked on a simple set creating threee house hold objects, A cup, A plate and a Vase. (see images above)

The vase was to be the difficult piece that I wanted to include a lot of geometry and placing it into one filmed piece, During this footage it didnt film as best as I would liked and I yet again found myself with alot of complications.

Using three different types of camera tracking softwares I found blender to be easiest, Once this didnt work I chose to use 3 different still images (as seen in my video)

Camera tracking in the softwares was an important skill to learn as the camera tracking really brings a realistic feel to the shots we have.

We learnt this in class and it was a fun experience.

During class the screen replacements were really interesting to know and I used the screen replacement skill in a film I created for a competition which I felt really excelled what I had learnt in class

During the use of the still images it became easier to place them in using Maya,

During peer feedback I found the objects I had created were interesting and usable, I used this peer feedback when choosing which textures to use and how to make my objects seem realistic.

The locations I used were to fit the objects.
I enjoyed placing the plate into the original backdrop as the reflections really made the plate stand out.

The finished plate cup and vase really impressed me once I added all the shadows, reflections and materials, I enjoyed the plate the most and it was the most realistic one of my objects.

During our time in class we had learnt to use Layers, this came in handy when rendering out for our breakdown videos, Layering is important in 3d modelling as it comes in handy when wanting to know where everything was, In Blender layering is difficult, but in Maya it proved alot simpler and alot more effective, I went wrong in using blender as it was what I was used to and knew alot about, However Maya has shown to be alot more easier and more effective.

In the future I will be using Maya.

My own personal feedback:
I spent alot of time putting effort into the thought of my process rather than the actual physical aspect of creating it which i thought I shouldn’t of done towards the end, Now the unit is over, In my spare time I will try and put more effort into creating something fun and enjoyable.
I enjoyed creating a film character as Maya made it easy and more understandable,

Please View this word document for the rest of my SA2. (if there are any issue please email and I shall relink the page due to current issues with wordpress mobile. Microsoft)

Taking photos of my different areas  for my still images made my work look simple, I believe my work would of looked better with footage;