research – Enter the Pitch

Before entering a competition you would need to read up on the rules and regulations they have in place for all wanting to participate, In order for our entries to be valid, I spent time looking into the requirements needed for their stories,
Enter the pitch look more into biblical stories, so to begin with I spent time looking at popular biblical stories.
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Research into the competition is the way you find out everything you need to know, from length to video settings.

I found looking into what story first and then moving onto the competition requirements alot easier as you could work around your story.

I found if I had done slight more research on my story it would of made my film make more sense, I think the next time I will find out the requirements then I will use plenty of time to find a story, I aim to find stories that work well with other students and the young side of people, Due to young adults being more interested in different genres worked on from bible stories.

Enter the pitch allow up to 2 minutes, this gives you plenty of time to have a correct narrative structure.
It’s exteremly useful enter the pitch only allow stories based on biblical stories, as it shows you can create something new from something old.

Within the next time of entering enter the pitch I believe i will work on my time management skills better.

Having looked through my research I aim to have the same time aside for each piece required.

i began by searching the internet for my story, after using reliable sources at finding a story, I then took time to find the story in the bible itsself, Once this was done i spent the time turning the story into a modern feel.
Personally I wish I had spent more time on the film rather than on the idea of the film, For my next entry I think I will start early and begin earlier than required.

As i will use enter the pitch to work on my time management used for entering competitions.


Career development Task 5 – (about me)

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My Name is Tara Kate; I’m currently in my 2nd year of HND creative media.
Before I was at this position I joined level 3 after taking a keen interest in theatre production, As i left the theatre side of things and looked more into film I became keen to learn the skills. With this I have learnt and became confident in working multiple camera set ups, In myself I am a more confident Director than a camera professional or equipment user, Although I am confident at using many forms of equipment ranging from steady cams, sliders, various sound equipment from sound boxes to the use of booms and extensive rode use.

My software skills are expanding by the use of new outlets, I mainly use adobe software and find myself learning new things each time I use one.
I have extensive use in Blendr also.

My media work history is ranging from, Working with multiple travelling circuses in being technical support and photographer.
My biggest achievement with that so far is getting into a cirque du solieli tour and learning of James Camerons stage adaptation of Avatar.
Out of media I work passionately as a sales assistant I believe being a media student has help my confidence in this, I aim to one day be a manager of a small business or directing a small team.

My strengths are being head strong and full of imagination, I personally enjoy taking the role of director more than the physical things as I believe I excel in being on point in being the boss per say.

My weaknesses in this outlet are not having enough faith in myself to believe I can create something. I see the idea in my mind but think I struggle to get it out in person.

My five year plan, So far:

Three years of my five year plan have been in education, Doing my Level 3 on wards.
I aim to complete my time here and pass my BSe with a 2:1.

The 2 years I have left I want to start by becoming freelance, but in a way where I can submit my ideas to a small team.
I believe this will help me head towards my manager role I have worked passionately for.

I would aim to get my name out there by becoming more socially active online and in my spare time collecting archive footage.

If i believe this is something i cannot achieve I will aim to build up archive footage and sound for the online media following.

During this I am unsure if I’d like to continue on and be a teaching assistant. as I excel in people fronted occupations.

From Brooksby Melton College, many of the past students have become teaching assistants by doing the PGDE, In the media industry there are only a select few jobs for recent graduates, to begin with it is very popular to become freelance.



Career development Task 4 –

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In this guide there shall be tips and hints into getting a job in the media industry.

We shall start off by talking about the obvious;


To start in the media industry you must of begun somewhere? the best place to begin is a media education!

if you were passionate about how sound was deigned, you’d begin in a sound designing course, although Creative Media courses usually involved every aspect required to have in the media industry.

during this you should have begun to understand what is used in the media industry, ranging from Equipment to the correct terminology.

the best way to do this research either online or in books as many books include the uses too.

Once you have completed education and predominately found your media “calling” you should by now be confident enough to say “YEAH IM GOOD AD 3D MODELLING” from this you would then look into careers in the 3d modelling process.

This can be done via internet or through the establishment you did your degree in.

you must have your own showreel of the work you are comfortable with showing the public or a promising employer.

If you are looking into being apart of the Film Industry it would be handy to know what goes on on set with the roles and responsibilities of the crew.

Many big shots start of from the bottom and work their way up, So don’t be disheartened if you’re a tea slave for the first year of your career, begin badgering for a pre written script of yours to be read or ask to assist on set.

Jobs in the media industry are alot like ‘normal’ persay jobs, they run on the same contracts and include the same hours involved in a normal day.

you must be prepared to enjoy a very hectic day on set.

Your working pattern will vary occasionally.
your paying rate will vary from employer to employer.

You will begin paying 20% of the tax when you earn 31,785
and higher when you earn more.
Occasionally if you are still a student looking at work experiance you will not be taxed due to not earning the standard 204 a week.

In the media industry the employer will keep you safe during the days but it is handy to join a media and entertainment union along the way.

If you become a freelance before you look for a job in the industry you will have more chance at getting noticed because you will have a large archive of work to impress people with.

you will also get far if you are passionate about the work and are churning out good quality.

Your earnings in the industry may start low but will gradually grow with your quality of work.
In my experience of working in the industry  I found it was difficult working with a set crew everyday with only beable to show one skill.
Always be sure you can handle being in one spot light rather than alot!

How to get a job in: Visual effects!

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 10.50.11

Framestore is a company specialising in visual effects.

Framestore take on graduate students, the way to get a job in this part of the industry is starting by getting your degree! this could be specialising in visual effects or creative media, by doing this and having your degree you could be open to alot of vacancies!

Escape studios includes courses especially designed for people wanting to become professional in visual effects.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 11.24.25

Becoming apart of the industry seems alot easier than people think, you just need to have the right qualifications :)!


Task 3: Evaluate the project outcomes –

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In my final film I believe my strengths here were finally understanding how to place a narrative structure in a small time frame given, the competition we were to enter was depict which only accept 90 seconds worth of film, Although going over this would mean getting submitted to Encounters, another competition which accepts up to 30 minutes worth of film.

The main part of my project that was a strength was the planning, My planning I believe went well and all in place, as a weakness was that i find in many projects was time management, I spend too much time on the paperwork and only giving myself a small amount of time to create a film, In this instance my planning for this film was well but towards the film making, I had to change the film completely a explain how I would change it, I created a new plan and without changing the story as much, I chose to drop actors and use animals.
this changing my whole genre, as you can’t have a ‘thriller’ based on dogs.

In the future I believe I will spend a lot more time working towards the film more than the idea of the film, My recommendations for the future would be to ensure I start the short film at the same time as the paper work, I personally believe the idea for my short film to begin with was one of my favorite, It is a shame it never properly got made.

During the filming It was mainly myself and the Animal Actor, I got the Animal in question from myself as it is a trained family pet. Having working by myself with an animal and having to film aswel, I found I should of asked for help sooner rather than later, this is the reason as to why Im looking at re doing the whole thing over but with a small team.

My outcomes for further consideration would be to ask for help sooner rather than later, and use the time allocated for the different sections.

I have learnt to always keep to my time management as the production for a film has to be precise, what i have learnt from this project is to stick to one story plan and not change it towards the end, This causes more stress on one plan and you should always stay focused on one story.

This experience in working on a competition that accepts 90 second films is one that alot of budding film makers should enter, this opportunity gives you the chance to push yourself and create a piece you can be proud to say you’ve done in such a short amount of time, These type of competitions are good for helping you understand the requirements needed in a competition also, In the BSe I hope to enter more but with a better idea and skill. I aim for my Bse to include alot of competition entries and be proud to say I pushed myself.

My SWOT analysis:

Learning how to create a story and plan the research for a short film
Understanding the process involved
I believe Ive improved my camera angle skills.

Time management involved
Not asking for help sooner rather than later
With lack of interest in the film once it was noted to feel a fail

having the thought of entering a popular competition
Self confidence in a project

Myself when it comes to asking for help involving the film
Being very one person team oriented


Career Development Task 3 –

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Regulatory body for TV Channels and radio in the UK is Ofcom and for Film its is BBFC, BBFC does not regulate what goes on the internet.

Internet television is regulated by the websites they are uploaded to e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

The Purpose of Ofcom is to filter out any content deemed unfit for the TV, where as the BBFC age rate and cut films before they are released in the UK, Ofcom are the reason for ‘watersheds’ and films beginning with the age viewings.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.41.01

Many people mistake Regulation for ‘Censorship’, The difference between regulation and censorship,

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.43.03

If you were to search for ‘banned’ media, the most popular you would come across is adverts, Adverts are the main banned media due to them being shown more often than shows or films.

for example:

This skittles advert was banned due to simply being “too sexual” this is understand able due to skittle being sweets and sweets being popular in the younger generation.

as for banned films we could quite easily draw up a graph and have multiple films.
the main films we can remember for being banned due to censorship is, A Serbian Film.

A serbian film was banned due to “apology for pedophilia”

Upon its debut on the art film circuit, the film received substantial attention for its graphic depictions of rape, necrophilia, and child sexual abuse. The Serbian state investigated the film for crime against sexual morals and crime related to the protection of minors.

Another Family friendly example is The Hunger games;

The film rated 12A was originally to be a 15, The producers wanted the film to directly be a 12a so they had abide by the regulation and censorship, The British Board of Film Classification is said to have asked for blood splashes to be digitally removed from wounds and weapons, as well as changes to four scenes which it deemed too violent for younger viewers.

In reports it took no longer than an hour to cut the film from a 15 to a 12a.

There has been many speculation about films being banned in cinemas but due to it being more difficult to regulate internet material most films are now straight to internet. for example

Seth Rogens ‘The Interview’

this was straight to the internet due to the political humour involved,

During the horror areas
The Human Centipede has been straight to internet for all 3 chronicles due to the reasons of the film.

Queuing for the Loo



Career Development Task 2 –

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BECTU is media and entertainment union, BECTU stands for ‘Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union’
The workers for BBC or any other media outlet find being apart of this union extremely useful incase of anything occurring in the industry.

Unions are in place for many work places Bectu once stepped in when workers were not happy with the way things were ran, Bectu have the rights to agree to strikes.
Bectu make the payments to BBC and pay towards the pensions.
Bectu have been known to pay for technical support staff on many different members of theatre productions.
the Union have been known to pay for courses if you are apart of them, It is handy for students to join bectu at the start of their careers or education
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.27.57

Being apart of the union would help if you wanted to change something in a company, you cannot do this alone whereas with a union and having the union behind you will always be a hand.

In my thoughts being apart of a union wether its apart of a job or apart of an industry, is a big part of your career.
Unions will help with legal varieties also, so if you’ve been in trouble you can head to the union for help.

During your time with Bectu you will find alot of uses ranging from discounts to free advice.


Career Development Task 1-

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In the UK Television has become popular, There are popular channels that over power more, The BBC run mainly from TV licensing, Income from the licence is primarily used to fund the television, radio and online services of the bbc.
The difference between channels such as BBC and ITV is that ITV run from advertising, ITV being the most popular running from advertising but many other channels excel from this way, such as channel 4 and 5.

BBC running from TV license means they can own smaller companies to ear more money. When you see one channel advertising another the main company to receive the money would be the one the channel is owned by, This is a popular way of keeping small channels on the line.

Since BBC have started advertising there has been a huge debate on if tv licensing is actually fair in the UK:

As Television is popular there has recently become subscription services: Netflix, LOVEFILM, amazon prime.
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 17.11.41
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 17.12.41

Netflix is famous for having its own stream of shows, such as MARVELS Daredevil and the popular Orange is the New Black.
Netflix is as cheap as 5.99 a month and works out cheaper than having a TV license. This therefore makes you wonder what you’re getting from the BBC, there are times when the BBC are down and this could cause trouble.

As the TV company must have an owner, this points to Mr. Rupert Murdoch, He is the owner of multiple media outlets, this causes trouble in signs of being biased.
He is a powerful man in the USA for being the owner of multiple media outlets; His team acquired Twentieth Century Fox,  HarperCollins  and The Wall Street Journal . He formed the British broadcaster BSkyB in 1990, and during the 1990s expanded into Asian networks and South American television. By 2000, Murdoch’s News Corporation owned over 800 companies in more than 50 countries with a net worth of over $5 billion.
In the UK Murdoch own(ed) the News Of The World and was responsible for the fall, They were accused of hacking celebrities phones, The issue here is where they would publish the news is also Owned by Murdoch.
There is never a fair review published if the same man owns multiple media outlets.

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