research – Enter the Pitch

Before entering a competition you would need to read up on the rules and regulations they have in place for all wanting to participate, In order for our entries to be valid, I spent time looking into the requirements needed for their stories,
Enter the pitch look more into biblical stories, so to begin with I spent time looking at popular biblical stories.
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 00.41.34

Research into the competition is the way you find out everything you need to know, from length to video settings.

I found looking into what story first and then moving onto the competition requirements alot easier as you could work around your story.

I found if I had done slight more research on my story it would of made my film make more sense, I think the next time I will find out the requirements then I will use plenty of time to find a story, I aim to find stories that work well with other students and the young side of people, Due to young adults being more interested in different genres worked on from bible stories.

Enter the pitch allow up to 2 minutes, this gives you plenty of time to have a correct narrative structure.
It’s exteremly useful enter the pitch only allow stories based on biblical stories, as it shows you can create something new from something old.

Within the next time of entering enter the pitch I believe i will work on my time management skills better.

Having looked through my research I aim to have the same time aside for each piece required.

i began by searching the internet for my story, after using reliable sources at finding a story, I then took time to find the story in the bible itsself, Once this was done i spent the time turning the story into a modern feel.
Personally I wish I had spent more time on the film rather than on the idea of the film, For my next entry I think I will start early and begin earlier than required.

As i will use enter the pitch to work on my time management used for entering competitions.


Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 4 A)

Create an evaluation in either written, audio or visual medium, which critically evaluates your pitch and investigation against your original proposal and also evaluates what you have learnt and also makes recommendations for future and further development..

For this years Enter The Pitch I believe I chose a far more complex story than my last “attempt”, For this years idea I had to think hard and read further into the story I chose, I believe I could of included more main points and will remember this for hopefully next time.

My finished video worked well along with my proposal and schedule. During my research I had to ensure I used valid websites and books with added information, I believe this year the reason why my pitch I think, is much better than last years is because we had more time in order to be able to research a more possibly complicated story to show what we could do and how we’ve progressed our skills during the year we’ve had since last entering.

I think my Video for Enter the pitch this year is much better than last years as I don’t think it’s as “sloppy” and includes many main points.
My only drawback during this is I repeated myself quite abit on one main point.

The effectiveness of my video worked overall and everyone who I’ve recently shown it to said they felt the actors feelings in the video along with the text to explain what is happening.

Over the year of learning new skills on the editing software I used, I believe that also contributed to my video presentation looking better.

In future I hope to choose a less complicated story so I can hopefully make it a lot better visually and on paper.
I have learnt that even if a story visually is slightly “sloppy” it may still get the point across and that less is actually more when pitching across a story you can see better with text.

With our tasks given I think they included in helping such as having a planned schedule and actually working towards it instead of not having the time to write one before.

In my opinion my Enter The Pitch work this year has improved from last year due to being more organised and more motivated to join in with the extra time we we’re given.


Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 2 C)

Create planning to assist in the creation of your pitch. (i.e script, shot list, storyboard, location recce, H&S, etc) The information you submit for this section is dependent on your pitch but there should definitely be evidence)

Script for my pitch shall simply just be a male voice exclaiming he made it into uni to show he is leaving which is the start of my story,
For my shot list I have planned for it mainly to be text but how I want it to go is:

– Starting off with the verse I have chosen
– A scene of an alone male
– Party scene
– text explaining how my story will start and its connection to the chosen bible story
– flashing images of groups together to show “togetherness”
– More text explaining how my story will work
– Drama images of fighting
– text explaining how drama in the modern story will happen.

The locations I have used include
– Brooksby Melton
-Outlook nightclub
– Free Images of wars

The whole video will be the length of hopefully 2 minutes and will include all main points of the story.


Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 2 B)

Evaluate suitability/validity of research you have discovered.

The suitability of my story is based on how new university students would feel leaving their home town to a new one and leaving a life behind them.
I believe my story is suitable for all ages but mainly based on 18+ because they can feel exactly what the main character would be going through.

during my research in finding the story I was going to use I ensured I was using valid stories by reading a proper bible and using proper websites on the story I have involved.
I also took it upon myself to enter the church where I live to ask for more information but they were busy.

I used a group of people I live with in my age range from 18+ to ask if they would watch a bible story turned modern if it was based on something they had been through before, the outcome was positive.

I think next time I will create some form of video to collate a group of people in and show them watching  a clip from the film and ask if they enjoyed it then explain what it is.

During my research for Enter the Pitch I came across the rules and the formats for everything :


Enter The Pitch – HND YR 2 – Task 2 A)

Conduct research into an idea for a pitch that you submit for enter the pitch.

The Idea I will be using is “The Last Supper”.
I chose this story because it  involved a lot of main points aimed at the younger generation, To start research, I began by reading the bible and mainly finding small paragraphs on many church websites using google. Current research and set out includes ensuring I know all important facts that can be used for the pitch and possibly in the feature length production.

I spent mainly most of the time finding what points I could change into a modern feel.

I used a lot of information from trustable websites and using a holy bible obtained from Enter The Pitch Team Last year, The main points I chose to include are the betrayal Jesus knew was coming from Judas and the fact he was leaving. In the Last Supper verse Jesus was leaving to the cross and met with his “friends” before. In my version I have used that and changed it to a young adult leaving for university knowing someone will leave him.

I will include images of a life he had with his friends along with images of him alone and how he feels compared to how he used to.

my video will mainly be including text with background image in hope to add a more personal feel of things fading away.

I included a video shot of a character to try and put a face to feelings.



Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 1 C)

Justify the suitability and achievability of your investigation into an idea for enter the pitch. Basically, will you be able to identify/find the information you need to create your pitch and will your pitch be appropriate to the competition?

The suitabilty of my nvestigation was mainly based on using a story taken and created to be aimed at a younger generation, I then asked a few people who I live with what they would think to watching a bible story more based around their age range, the outcome was pleasing as they all agreed they would like to see more relgious stories based upon their time.

If the plan went well I believe my story could be adapted further and might one day be a good story to possibly create a short film about.

Enter the pitch is a comepetion based on finding out what people can do with bible stories in this day and age, the only thing they ask is that the story you have created has a biblical connection and has been modified from a orginal bible story.

I believe my pitch is appropriate in many ways for this competition and it has a strong story to go with it, It also could possibly allow other young adults who are also non-religious to indulge in trying out for the competition.

I used an official Holy Bible and very trusted About Religion webite for my main research, it was a pretty basic story to begin with in modern times and I added my own take on it in hope it would make sense and show what i could do and what I have learnt in the past year.


Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 1 B)

Create a Comprehensive schedule and plan for the investigation, planning, creation and submission of your pitch.

The first thing to start with is to find out the information of the competion we are entering (Enter The Pitch)

Once that has all been found out and understood, I then will choose a story.

The Story I have chosen to work on is “The Last Supper”

I currently used ” http://christianity.about.com/od/biblestorysummaries/p/thelastsupper.htm ” for main facts about the story and characters.
Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 18.47.13

The first week we found out was before we left for summer holidays in july, I set to work the week after to find the story.
After weeks of planning and couldn’t find a proper actor to use, I approached a student from the university to use.

August 20th – First day of filming with actor in an open field and including voiceovers

I aim to finish editing by september 14th.

I created my Pitch using a simple Fujifilm finepix camera in brooksby melton college grounds, a night club and using archive photos.
The music I will be using will be credited and brought solely from the creator himself.

I will have my pitch submitted by Saturday 27th Septemeber


Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 1 A)

What you are going to do, Where you are going to find the information you need, resources required and technology involved.

Enter the Pitch is a worldwide competition ran every year for budding film makers and passionate script writers, The ideas they ask for are based on old testament bible stories but are taken and made into a 21st century feel. The Enter the Pitch team list all requirements technical and practical on the website such as:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 17.28.11

owners2014-09-16 at 17.29.04

To be in this you’d have to find a bible story you feel happy with and how you can annotate it to a film you’d enjoy filming and the idea of.

I have chosen a story from the new testament “Matthew 26:17-30; Mark 14:12-25; Luke 22:7-20” – The Last Supper

I will be using a Holy Bible and internet websites to read up on the story and it’s main characters and points before making it my own.

The resources I will be using are reliable, I shall be using HD DSLR camera and including my own voiceover supplied by multiple actors, most of my shots will have a natural feel to them as they are a story based on important life changes.