Career Development Task 2 –

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BECTU is media and entertainment union, BECTU stands for ‘Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union’
The workers for BBC or any other media outlet find being apart of this union extremely useful incase of anything occurring in the industry.

Unions are in place for many work places Bectu once stepped in when workers were not happy with the way things were ran, Bectu have the rights to agree to strikes.
Bectu make the payments to BBC and pay towards the pensions.
Bectu have been known to pay for technical support staff on many different members of theatre productions.
the Union have been known to pay for courses if you are apart of them, It is handy for students to join bectu at the start of their careers or education
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Being apart of the union would help if you wanted to change something in a company, you cannot do this alone whereas with a union and having the union behind you will always be a hand.

In my thoughts being apart of a union wether its apart of a job or apart of an industry, is a big part of your career.
Unions will help with legal varieties also, so if you’ve been in trouble you can head to the union for help.

During your time with Bectu you will find alot of uses ranging from discounts to free advice.