research – Enter the Pitch

Before entering a competition you would need to read up on the rules and regulations they have in place for all wanting to participate, In order for our entries to be valid, I spent time looking into the requirements needed for their stories,
Enter the pitch look more into biblical stories, so to begin with I spent time looking at popular biblical stories.
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Research into the competition is the way you find out everything you need to know, from length to video settings.

I found looking into what story first and then moving onto the competition requirements alot easier as you could work around your story.

I found if I had done slight more research on my story it would of made my film make more sense, I think the next time I will find out the requirements then I will use plenty of time to find a story, I aim to find stories that work well with other students and the young side of people, Due to young adults being more interested in different genres worked on from bible stories.

Enter the pitch allow up to 2 minutes, this gives you plenty of time to have a correct narrative structure.
It’s exteremly useful enter the pitch only allow stories based on biblical stories, as it shows you can create something new from something old.

Within the next time of entering enter the pitch I believe i will work on my time management skills better.

Having looked through my research I aim to have the same time aside for each piece required.

i began by searching the internet for my story, after using reliable sources at finding a story, I then took time to find the story in the bible itsself, Once this was done i spent the time turning the story into a modern feel.
Personally I wish I had spent more time on the film rather than on the idea of the film, For my next entry I think I will start early and begin earlier than required.

As i will use enter the pitch to work on my time management used for entering competitions.