Director for Moving Image Production – HND YR 2 – Task 2

After I had chosen what story to go with I then chose a team and actors.

For the team I chose a leicester based photographer and myself as we were going to be filming in public areas I wanted to keep it to a small team
For my actors I chose a close friend of mine and her 12 month old little boy. The photographer I chose is also a relative of the 12 month old which made it less stressful for the boy&mother.

to begin with we had to chose where we were going to film and what, as I wanted mainly natural shots we chose small cafes and public areas.

once we made it into a small cafe we asked if it was acceptable to do some filming, they had agreed on the condition we didn’t show alot of the area, so we sat and discussed a closed in, and close up shot of mother and son to begin with.

For health and safety reasons we could only film when the area was not busy so none of the public would trip or feel unsafe in the area.

We only had a short amount of time to film due to working with a small child and they have certain demands at times.
I feel if we had alot longer it would of worked out better.

My Starting scene will be more titles than it would be clips, I wanted to include titles to bring more facts to the people watching,
I then would want to include what seems to be a story to the back of it of someone meeting their friend with a child.

as a director I wanted to not take the role of camera and I allowed someone else to do it and I took the role of making sure the scene is camera ready, instead of dialogue I chose to use more music to bring more of a heartfelt feeling.

I believe if I had stuck to one story and used the time given properly It would of been alot better than my finished piece