Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 4 A)

Create an evaluation in either written, audio or visual medium, which critically evaluates your pitch and investigation against your original proposal and also evaluates what you have learnt and also makes recommendations for future and further development..

For this years Enter The Pitch I believe I chose a far more complex story than my last “attempt”, For this years idea I had to think hard and read further into the story I chose, I believe I could of included more main points and will remember this for hopefully next time.

My finished video worked well along with my proposal and schedule. During my research I had to ensure I used valid websites and books with added information, I believe this year the reason why my pitch I think, is much better than last years is because we had more time in order to be able to research a more possibly complicated story to show what we could do and how we’ve progressed our skills during the year we’ve had since last entering.

I think my Video for Enter the pitch this year is much better than last years as I don’t think it’s as “sloppy” and includes many main points.
My only drawback during this is I repeated myself quite abit on one main point.

The effectiveness of my video worked overall and everyone who I’ve recently shown it to said they felt the actors feelings in the video along with the text to explain what is happening.

Over the year of learning new skills on the editing software I used, I believe that also contributed to my video presentation looking better.

In future I hope to choose a less complicated story so I can hopefully make it a lot better visually and on paper.
I have learnt that even if a story visually is slightly “sloppy” it may still get the point across and that less is actually more when pitching across a story you can see better with text.

With our tasks given I think they included in helping such as having a planned schedule and actually working towards it instead of not having the time to write one before.

In my opinion my Enter The Pitch work this year has improved from last year due to being more organised and more motivated to join in with the extra time we we’re given.