Career development Task 5 – (about me)

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My Name is Tara Kate; I’m currently in my 2nd year of HND creative media.
Before I was at this position I joined level 3 after taking a keen interest in theatre production, As i left the theatre side of things and looked more into film I became keen to learn the skills. With this I have learnt and became confident in working multiple camera set ups, In myself I am a more confident Director than a camera professional or equipment user, Although I am confident at using many forms of equipment ranging from steady cams, sliders, various sound equipment from sound boxes to the use of booms and extensive rode use.

My software skills are expanding by the use of new outlets, I mainly use adobe software and find myself learning new things each time I use one.
I have extensive use in Blendr also.

My media work history is ranging from, Working with multiple travelling circuses in being technical support and photographer.
My biggest achievement with that so far is getting into a cirque du solieli tour and learning of James Camerons stage adaptation of Avatar.
Out of media I work passionately as a sales assistant I believe being a media student has help my confidence in this, I aim to one day be a manager of a small business or directing a small team.

My strengths are being head strong and full of imagination, I personally enjoy taking the role of director more than the physical things as I believe I excel in being on point in being the boss per say.

My weaknesses in this outlet are not having enough faith in myself to believe I can create something. I see the idea in my mind but think I struggle to get it out in person.

My five year plan, So far:

Three years of my five year plan have been in education, Doing my Level 3 on wards.
I aim to complete my time here and pass my BSe with a 2:1.

The 2 years I have left I want to start by becoming freelance, but in a way where I can submit my ideas to a small team.
I believe this will help me head towards my manager role I have worked passionately for.

I would aim to get my name out there by becoming more socially active online and in my spare time collecting archive footage.

If i believe this is something i cannot achieve I will aim to build up archive footage and sound for the online media following.

During this I am unsure if I’d like to continue on and be a teaching assistant. as I excel in people fronted occupations.

From Brooksby Melton College, many of the past students have become teaching assistants by doing the PGDE, In the media industry there are only a select few jobs for recent graduates, to begin with it is very popular to become freelance.