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The definition of adaptation in the film and media is a large part of keeping the film business alive, during my disseration i will be explaining how adaptation from novels to screen is  large key.

Basing my research on fairy tale adaptation I will be looking into the adaptations of a classic fairy tale: Cinderella, Cinderella being one of the earliest written fairy tales based in 1634 Since it first was uncovered back then, there has been over 40 adaptations to screen from that one simple story; not counting the different novel adaptation involved.

from a technical aspect, adaptation is alot more difficult than expected, when taking an idea from a novel it will take a team at least 1-2 years to plan the story and see if it’ll actually work.

I will be using fairy tales as a basis for my research as in the industry there is over 200 fairy tale adaptations to screen, weather it be film or a television series.

during my video area I will be showing you the difference between each adaptation

Adaptation, In the media business adaptation is an important part of film making in some cases, Especially when they revisit a fairy tale.
I researched different adaptations and settled on one being cinderella due to the vast amount of adaptations  out.

I found there are multiple fairy tale adaptations out there and concentrating on the important parts that they keep in films.
I believe it is important for people to understand adaptation as that is where the strongest points in film making come from.

My video will include scenes from many different adaptations of cinderella, along side the original written story based on cinderella;



In my dissertation I’ll be discussing if amendments to original literature make more profit at the box office.
I’ll be concentrating on ‘Cinderella’. The questions I would like to answer will include ‘What was the difference between the first ever on screen production of Cinderella to the up most recent version’
I will be basing my research on how each version is different and how that affects the profit for the box office, looking into 1950s first release of Cinderella as an animation to the latest 2015 release of live action Cinderella. In between I shall be looking into how a company has used the story of Cinderella and changed it to their own and if this has increased the profit included in creating the film.
In my dissertation piece I will include a self conducted vote of which cinderella the public have found more ‘entertaining’, I will then place which had more profit in the box office to which the public found more entertaining and what the difference is.

I have chosen to do this subject as it is widely used in the film industry where they have taken story books and created box office hits.
For my video piece involved in my dissertation I will be showing two different live action cinderella stories, one that had a low profit and one that had a high profit and explaining how they both included the original story.
I will be mainly focussing on the success of adaptation and how it has created a wide range of open doors for the industry and the profit they have gained.

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