Enter The Pitch – HND YR2 – Task 1 C)

Justify the suitability and achievability of your investigation into an idea for enter the pitch. Basically, will you be able to identify/find the information you need to create your pitch and will your pitch be appropriate to the competition?

The suitabilty of my nvestigation was mainly based on using a story taken and created to be aimed at a younger generation, I then asked a few people who I live with what they would think to watching a bible story more based around their age range, the outcome was pleasing as they all agreed they would like to see more relgious stories based upon their time.

If the plan went well I believe my story could be adapted further and might one day be a good story to possibly create a short film about.

Enter the pitch is a comepetion based on finding out what people can do with bible stories in this day and age, the only thing they ask is that the story you have created has a biblical connection and has been modified from a orginal bible story.

I believe my pitch is appropriate in many ways for this competition and it has a strong story to go with it, It also could possibly allow other young adults who are also non-religious to indulge in trying out for the competition.

I used an official Holy Bible and very trusted About Religion webite for my main research, it was a pretty basic story to begin with in modern times and I added my own take on it in hope it would make sense and show what i could do and what I have learnt in the past year.