unit 63 Task 1

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The Marketing and Commission Process for Scripts is a simple three step process to begin with,

It starts off with a script writer (or budding professional) with a script they have written themselves and believe is ‘television ready’, once they believe it is ready, they find an Agent (who can be found through the writers guild of great Britain) once they have the Agent they will then find a Commissioning Operator these being e.g BBC, ITV, Channel 4.

This traditional motion is changing more and more each day due to more channels coming out and these different channels have different ways or ideas of finding scripts.

Prime example is SKY, They have their own TV box (Sky Box) which includes its own channels, They often advertise some channels as (SKY ONLY). Sky Movies, Sky news. Sky Entertainment.

Another way of this is how NOW TV has its own physical box but can also be accessed via xbox, chrome cast etc.

Amazon studios is a another prime example for commissioning of a working script,

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(amazon studios website)

Amazon has two separate processes for features and TV. Features has a whole storyboard process that happens online and things move forward based on audience response, Amazon will do what other online streaming sites will do and commission one season and continue that onwards if the audience response is vast and worth the second season.

Netflix only buys fully packaged material ( script, show runner, director, actor), Netflix will also online commission one season and commission the second once the audience response is positive enough, they will release this during the year.
Netflix is popular for buying directors instead of just shows. such as e.g Orange is the new Black was commissioned for a 3rd season by netflix buying the directors for the episodes.

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(show of commissioned series)

Competitions such as enter the pitch and zoetrope also commission scripts/stories to be made into films with budgets. Competitions allow for anybody to prove to them they can do it, Entering competitions means your idea will be out there and people will find it where as submitting to places such as “amazon studios” your work will not be made public, Competitions such as Enter the Pitch will give you personal feedback and support you through your idea and keep you in the loop.

When entering competitions you also don’t have the option of using an agent, you are you’re own agent persay.

The BBC Online – Writers room
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As there are many options in order for you to get your ideas out, the most useful I find is the BBC ONLINE WRITERS ROOM, personally they include alot of pointers and tips, they also have inspirational quotes on the website which are nice to read.

They also include the Writers Lab where they can assist you in writing you script before submission, they also give you then option of downloading successful scripts from producers for tips.