Director Task 3 Kraft

“The world today is rapidly changing, evolving and presenting people with increasing pressures of modern life. Despite the fact that in some ways we are more connected than ever, we are also more alienated from each other with increasing demands and expectations. Kraft Peanut Butter celebrates the times when we come together in authentic connections with loved ones, the times we “Stick Together” in a world that pulls us apart.


For this brief we are looking for stories about everyday moments of connection between loved ones. These films should be powerful, heartfelt and unifying. Tell a story about a powerful and real connection, show us those beautiful moments we come together!”

A tale of two brothers and their passion for cars.

Starting with a rolling shot of Harry and his car then Taylor walking over to them greeting each other like brothers, to them talking about modding cars. –

Currently shot a 4 minute of Taylor and Lewis (Harry was MIA) standing next to a car, talking, Next shot would hopefully be them talking about cars and how they enjoy doing it together.

Idea did not work.

Using someone who is allergic to peanut butter but they wanted to make their friends favourite sandwich which is Peanut butter and bananas. Using loads of gloves and all sorts to try and make the sandwich, a friend sees and wants to help make the sandwich.

Making it clear that main is allergic to nuts by showing phone conversations between main 1 and main 2.
“lets meet for lunch!”
“sure what do you fancy, Ill make :)”
“Peanut butter and banana sandwiches!!”
“I’m allergic remember silly, but ill make one for you :)”

Then to a shot of main one getting the peanut butter and placing many pairs of gloves on and tying a scarf round face. Unable to pick the knife up, keeps dropping it. main 3 sees the problem and comes to help.
They make the sandwich and put it together and it ends with the sandwich on the plate ready for other person.
And them smiling at each other, then shot of bears – sticking together.

in bold are my ideas that I had but I did not feel comfortable with or felt I had the time to finish.
In the end I chose a heartfelt message about how many teenage parents often lose friends after giving birth at such a young age.

I chose it as it is something I can relate to having a friend who had a child young but I don’t often get to see due to education commitments.

In this I worked with a small child who was turning 1, working with child is difficult as we couldn’t get much if he was in a bad mood due to something or other.

in the end I managed to achieve a few good shots and I enjoyed working with him and the mother.

the finished piece can be seen here

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.37.40

Working around children in a cafe