3d Modelling evidence – Container ship


unwrapped texture

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.55.14
in blender we began with a simple Cube.

We were given the task of creating a ‘container’ ship that would fly in space.
We began by looking at ideas on google images and looking on ‘pintrest’
we created these boards to show what ideas we had looked at
Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 14.02.48

As shown, we looked at containers that are used on land for a colour type.

Our container ship has vents on the underneath to allow air that makes the ship float in space, also on the back there is propellers for ensuring it stays up.

We baked a texture (which i will explain during my ‘FIGHTER SHIP’ project.)
onto our container ship to give it a ‘rough’ look and we felt it would fit alot better than box mapping.

We added extra pieces such as a name for the ship and added different warning signs for authenticity

during this piece and working with another person I chose to take the role of shape searching, material searching and then being the one to add the extra pieces.

I based the colour on land containers and the shape on the natural shape of objects that get put into containers.

Whilst looking for shapes I had tried to create some rough ideas on blender myself and the slanted option worked better than alot of the ones already tried.