Enter The Pitch – HND YR 2 – Task 2 A)

Conduct research into an idea for a pitch that you submit for enter the pitch.

The Idea I will be using is “The Last Supper”.
I chose this story because it  involved a lot of main points aimed at the younger generation, To start research, I began by reading the bible and mainly finding small paragraphs on many church websites using google. Current research and set out includes ensuring I know all important facts that can be used for the pitch and possibly in the feature length production.

I spent mainly most of the time finding what points I could change into a modern feel.

I used a lot of information from trustable websites and using a holy bible obtained from Enter The Pitch Team Last year, The main points I chose to include are the betrayal Jesus knew was coming from Judas and the fact he was leaving. In the Last Supper verse Jesus was leaving to the cross and met with his “friends” before. In my version I have used that and changed it to a young adult leaving for university knowing someone will leave him.

I will include images of a life he had with his friends along with images of him alone and how he feels compared to how he used to.

my video will mainly be including text with background image in hope to add a more personal feel of things fading away.

I included a video shot of a character to try and put a face to feelings.