Task 3: Evaluate the project outcomes –

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In my final film I believe my strengths here were finally understanding how to place a narrative structure in a small time frame given, the competition we were to enter was depict which only accept 90 seconds worth of film, Although going over this would mean getting submitted to Encounters, another competition which accepts up to 30 minutes worth of film.

The main part of my project that was a strength was the planning, My planning I believe went well and all in place, as a weakness was that i find in many projects was time management, I spend too much time on the paperwork and only giving myself a small amount of time to create a film, In this instance my planning for this film was well but towards the film making, I had to change the film completely a explain how I would change it, I created a new plan and without changing the story as much, I chose to drop actors and use animals.
this changing my whole genre, as you can’t have a ‘thriller’ based on dogs.

In the future I believe I will spend a lot more time working towards the film more than the idea of the film, My recommendations for the future would be to ensure I start the short film at the same time as the paper work, I personally believe the idea for my short film to begin with was one of my favorite, It is a shame it never properly got made.

During the filming It was mainly myself and the Animal Actor, I got the Animal in question from myself as it is a trained family pet. Having working by myself with an animal and having to film aswel, I found I should of asked for help sooner rather than later, this is the reason as to why Im looking at re doing the whole thing over but with a small team.

My outcomes for further consideration would be to ask for help sooner rather than later, and use the time allocated for the different sections.

I have learnt to always keep to my time management as the production for a film has to be precise, what i have learnt from this project is to stick to one story plan and not change it towards the end, This causes more stress on one plan and you should always stay focused on one story.

This experience in working on a competition that accepts 90 second films is one that alot of budding film makers should enter, this opportunity gives you the chance to push yourself and create a piece you can be proud to say you’ve done in such a short amount of time, These type of competitions are good for helping you understand the requirements needed in a competition also, In the BSe I hope to enter more but with a better idea and skill. I aim for my Bse to include alot of competition entries and be proud to say I pushed myself.

My SWOT analysis:

Learning how to create a story and plan the research for a short film
Understanding the process involved
I believe Ive improved my camera angle skills.

Time management involved
Not asking for help sooner rather than later
With lack of interest in the film once it was noted to feel a fail

having the thought of entering a popular competition
Self confidence in a project

Myself when it comes to asking for help involving the film
Being very one person team oriented


Career Development Task 3 –

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Regulatory body for TV Channels and radio in the UK is Ofcom and for Film its is BBFC, BBFC does not regulate what goes on the internet.

Internet television is regulated by the websites they are uploaded to e.g. YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

The Purpose of Ofcom is to filter out any content deemed unfit for the TV, where as the BBFC age rate and cut films before they are released in the UK, Ofcom are the reason for ‘watersheds’ and films beginning with the age viewings.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.41.01

Many people mistake Regulation for ‘Censorship’, The difference between regulation and censorship,

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.43.03

If you were to search for ‘banned’ media, the most popular you would come across is adverts, Adverts are the main banned media due to them being shown more often than shows or films.

for example:

This skittles advert was banned due to simply being “too sexual” this is understand able due to skittle being sweets and sweets being popular in the younger generation.

as for banned films we could quite easily draw up a graph and have multiple films.
the main films we can remember for being banned due to censorship is, A Serbian Film.

A serbian film was banned due to “apology for pedophilia”

Upon its debut on the art film circuit, the film received substantial attention for its graphic depictions of rape, necrophilia, and child sexual abuse. The Serbian state investigated the film for crime against sexual morals and crime related to the protection of minors.

Another Family friendly example is The Hunger games;

The film rated 12A was originally to be a 15, The producers wanted the film to directly be a 12a so they had abide by the regulation and censorship, The British Board of Film Classification is said to have asked for blood splashes to be digitally removed from wounds and weapons, as well as changes to four scenes which it deemed too violent for younger viewers.

In reports it took no longer than an hour to cut the film from a 15 to a 12a.

There has been many speculation about films being banned in cinemas but due to it being more difficult to regulate internet material most films are now straight to internet. for example

Seth Rogens ‘The Interview’

this was straight to the internet due to the political humour involved,

During the horror areas
The Human Centipede has been straight to internet for all 3 chronicles due to the reasons of the film.

Queuing for the Loo



Career Development Task 2 –

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BECTU is media and entertainment union, BECTU stands for ‘Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union’
The workers for BBC or any other media outlet find being apart of this union extremely useful incase of anything occurring in the industry.

Unions are in place for many work places Bectu once stepped in when workers were not happy with the way things were ran, Bectu have the rights to agree to strikes.
Bectu make the payments to BBC and pay towards the pensions.
Bectu have been known to pay for technical support staff on many different members of theatre productions.
the Union have been known to pay for courses if you are apart of them, It is handy for students to join bectu at the start of their careers or education
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 18.27.57

Being apart of the union would help if you wanted to change something in a company, you cannot do this alone whereas with a union and having the union behind you will always be a hand.

In my thoughts being apart of a union wether its apart of a job or apart of an industry, is a big part of your career.
Unions will help with legal varieties also, so if you’ve been in trouble you can head to the union for help.

During your time with Bectu you will find alot of uses ranging from discounts to free advice.


Career Development Task 1-

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In the UK Television has become popular, There are popular channels that over power more, The BBC run mainly from TV licensing, Income from the licence is primarily used to fund the television, radio and online services of the bbc.
The difference between channels such as BBC and ITV is that ITV run from advertising, ITV being the most popular running from advertising but many other channels excel from this way, such as channel 4 and 5.

BBC running from TV license means they can own smaller companies to ear more money. When you see one channel advertising another the main company to receive the money would be the one the channel is owned by, This is a popular way of keeping small channels on the line.

Since BBC have started advertising there has been a huge debate on if tv licensing is actually fair in the UK:

As Television is popular there has recently become subscription services: Netflix, LOVEFILM, amazon prime.
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 17.11.41
Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 17.12.41

Netflix is famous for having its own stream of shows, such as MARVELS Daredevil and the popular Orange is the New Black.
Netflix is as cheap as 5.99 a month and works out cheaper than having a TV license. This therefore makes you wonder what you’re getting from the BBC, there are times when the BBC are down and this could cause trouble.

As the TV company must have an owner, this points to Mr. Rupert Murdoch, He is the owner of multiple media outlets, this causes trouble in signs of being biased.
He is a powerful man in the USA for being the owner of multiple media outlets; His team acquired Twentieth Century Fox,  HarperCollins  and The Wall Street Journal . He formed the British broadcaster BSkyB in 1990, and during the 1990s expanded into Asian networks and South American television. By 2000, Murdoch’s News Corporation owned over 800 companies in more than 50 countries with a net worth of over $5 billion.
In the UK Murdoch own(ed) the News Of The World and was responsible for the fall, They were accused of hacking celebrities phones, The issue here is where they would publish the news is also Owned by Murdoch.
There is never a fair review published if the same man owns multiple media outlets.

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Task 2: Undertake Pre production, Production and Post-Production activities to Implement your Idea based on your schedule/action plan

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 22.19.15



Screenplay involved starts with scenes of darkness with voiceovers,

I aim to film the pieces after I have edited to the beginning sequence.

1) – Darkness… voice overs
2) actor facing the camera explaining the life they have lead up the the climax
3) Voice overs leading to shots of the actors life partying… warning people of the end.
4)Woodland areas involved to show signs of alone
5) Showing whats happening in the world (war)
6) back to life being alone after the climax
7) sat alone explaining what life could be now actor is alone
8) a knock… someone there.

Involved are the standard household things for the shots inside
we acquired those from a house we own.

Canon 550d
iphone 6 software


During the safety of using animals instead of actors I had to follow standard regulations concerning animals on set including ensuring the animal is well fed watered and regular breaks between sets.

I followed areas of safety when it came to locations for animals also, before bringing the animal onset we swept the location in order to ensure it was safe for both animal and actor.


My final Film:



Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 13.31.59

Having spent most of the time ensuring planning was being done I will spend time editing the footage before the sound as the story can be told without sound, I believe it will work.


Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 20.23.19Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 20.23.40Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 20.23.52Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 20.24.11Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 20.24.30

During this process it was extremely  simple to roughly cut together the first half of the final film as i wanted a simple but powerful story to be told in a few clips;
As you can see I kept the effects down to a minimum.

The problem I came across was everything was converting to low RES and making the editing process and final film alot less fluid.

During my full edit I aim to complete in a proper and unrushed manner I will add more editing effects.
During the process I kept more to watching the audio levels which hadnt shown up.

Having the quality in low resshortened the final piece significantly and had to be done in two parts with the little time left.

I will ensure all clips are fully high rendered quality next time.


Task 1: Formulate your Idea and set yourself a plan/proposal – Final film

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.57.47

A) – There are two competitions out there for budding film makers to enter, Depict and Encounters.

Depict: is a competition that accept 90 seconds OR LESS(!) worth of short film! Depict aim to push budding film makers into putting their ideas into a small time frame, In my opinion its extremely clever. If you wish to create a film longer than 90 seconds there’s an option available to enter ‘Encounters’.
Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 02.34.15

During the Depict competion you can enter up to TEN short films no longer than 90 seconds with credits and titles!
Depict is beneficial to a career to prove that you can get your minds worth across in 90 seconds, Some people worry you cant get enough into 90 seconds but depict shows you can.

For people less confident in that time frame Encounters gives you an opportunity to create a short film in no longer than 30 minutes including credits. Depict and encounters are a joint team, so if your film is Under 90 seconds and submitted to Encounters it will automatically be entered into Depict. Which means you at least get a chance!

For me I believe Depict is a good choice because in my mindset I can quite happily fit alot into 90 seconds, there are many emotions and stories you can fit into that time frame, It also gives you a good headstart at getting into knowing what goes into a short film, Encounters might be good for people who have alot of ability and alot of imagination with a longer film.


My Aim in my short film is to get across an emotion of “loneliness” and a futuristic feeling, I also aim to make the film detailed, but with little props or little locations.

In hope to make this work I will use just one actor and open spaces in my film, I have chosen to use tight shots to show that my actor will be alone and what would seem like “in his own head”
The Target audience for my film will be mature teens to adults. Many people who are into future films might be interest in the concept of my idea, I feel many directors haven’t chose to use the topic I shall be as it seems “taboo”

As we were given the task of writing, directing and producing our own film, I wanted to think of a number of different ideas to use for this project. We were all tasked of making a film of what we wanted. We could make any story and any genre. I liked this because we hadn’t been given a previous project where we had so much freedom to make a film. As we were given the choice to pick our won genre, I decided to plan and make a horror short film. Horror Is probably my favorite genre and this was my chance to do something I wanted to do.

Although Horror is my favorite genre, I felt that a lot of Horror films were predictable. The reason I thought this was because horror films today seem to rely on ‘jumpy’ scenes to scare the viewer. I wanted to make something different and make the viewer feel uncomfortable with what there watching but I wanted to build up the tension rather than throw it at the viewer all at once. Although it will challenging building up that kind of tension in a short film, I feel that it can be achieved and have an effect on the viewer.

I decided to base my story off an old horror story, the story is- “The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…”.  The reason I chose this story was because I felt I could create the tension I wanted for this story. This story is the basic plot of the film ‘I Am Legend’. Except in that film, Will Smith’s character is against a world of zombies and he is humanity’s last chance to save them. For my story I wanted to completely focus on the one character who is alone in the world. I want to express how lonely and desperate he is in the situation that he’s in. He wants to give up on life but for some reason, he decides to keep going. I want to make the ‘knock on the door’ unexpected for my character and the viewers as well. In my film I what to show his emotional stages as he goes through everything that’s happened to him. I might put in some flash backs to show what he did in his life before to add more of a dramatic feel to it. As the story goes on he accepts what has happened and he tries to survive on his own. Once he has truly convinced himself he is the last man on earth, he notices little things that suggest he’s not alone. Such as an item which has been moved in his ‘den’. With these little suggestions, it builds up the tension. He keeps having to remind himself that he is completely alone and he thinks its all in his head. Once he establishes this, there’s a knock on his door. He’s clearly both shocked and scared about this. He hesitates and doesn’t know whether he should open the door.


I could change the ending to a more “thrilling” sort of area:

He hesitates after hearing the knock and is unsure whether its really happening or not. He has mixed emotions and slowly walks towards the door, he could have voiceovers in his mind about whats going on, he ‘s think of the pro and cons of the situation while he’s walking towards the door. There’s another knock, this one much louder and more frightening. He looks terrified now but still has the urge to know who or what is knocking on the door. He opens the door and there’s a blinding light and he shields his eyes. The light slowly fades and gets dimmer. He opens his eyes, he shows true fear and what he’s seeing or he could have a sense of relieve on his face.

I would like to film this in urban areas. I like the idea of filming this in isolated buildings. I want to base the surroundings from the tv show ‘The Walking Dead’. Although I couldn’t make the outdoor scenes like they did on the show, I can certainly film in some hallways and make them look isolated. I can also film some dark scenes in the college studio as that would have a nice effect.
My current actor has been growing out his hair and beard for a “rustic” and alone sort of feel.

My film is based on the two sectenced ‘thriller’ story:
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 10.33.44

The budget for my film is minimum as I aim to use one actor and public abandoned areas to show he is alone/ “the last man on earth”

During the start of my film I will aim to film backwards. This is where I film the end first. I feel much more comfortable doing it that way as we aim to get the public areas done in a night time surrounding.

– First I will meet with the actor and continue to do so until filming begins in April.

We began by filming the last part where he is sat alone and hears the knock.


in my final film I aim to have an Animal orientated piece in where a dog explains the end of the world from her own eyes, I aim to create this piece to last 90 seconds.
the piece will create a sort of ‘comedy’ feel but have a serious thriller look to it.
The audience for my film will be mature children and adults, if It was to be rated I’d go with 15, My goal for this film is to create a new form of ‘film’ by using only animals to describe the goings on.
I’m using animals to create a challenge for myself in the paper work and in the filming experience.

As its a film where the footage will tell the story, I aim for the sound track to be a simple bass boom in a war way to symbolise the end of the world.

My theme for the film is based on an ‘end of the world’ feel. I’ve noticed not many productions often tell you how the animals feel or what an animal does after the end of the world.

When it comes to the budget, I will aim to keep it low, Using a trained family pet will save quite alot of money.
I aim to only spend on hiring out Areas if needs be for filming location.

In order for the animals to feel comfortable I will aim to spend a few days with them alone to get used to my company, this meaning the team involved in the production for the piece will be minimum, It will be myself and one other person to care for the animals during break.

During the filming I will aim to do risk assessments for locations and including the risks towards the animals.