3d Modelling – Box Mapping

box map

This is the finished piece of ‘box mapping’
many 3d model artists use box mapping as it is a technique where you project images from 3 angles and blend them together based on the objects normals.

During box mapping it is often required to use ‘nodes’ nodes are a use of creating a texture and being able to keep in control of the used texture. In the nodes there are many different settings you can use and essentially ‘play’ with, such as the contrast of the texture and even the roughness of how it looks. (often ‘bump’)

During our time box mapping we used A sphere, Cube, and monkey head. we had chosen to use metallic textures so we could show how we could reflect and bounce light off the different object shapes.

we had chosen to use box mapping on our container ship due to having the option to use the ‘bump’ use on the node tree to create a more rough feel to the ship.

We used a monkey head in our demonstration to show how the textures can fit into alll the different shapes, the money head has deep points and sharp turns, using the node tree made these points clearer and much more defined in use.

During this I had learnt how to build a Node Tree.

here is an example of what my finished tree looked like.

node tree

As we began to add the textures we began to explore the many uses of nodes and how to add textures using the node tree.

I felt during box mapping it was my strongest point as I took a quick interest and enjoyed learning how to do so.

It was a difficult process but I look forward to using it more.

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