Producer Project – HND YR 2 – Task 3

Keeping a log of production planning:

meeting to pitch PROJECT 3
Meeting with Joe Bennett to plan pitch

Our first meeting with Joseph Broad on 13th november:

organised by messages.

we had multiple meetings with our client, this one taking place one the 13th november

we then had one on the 20th November

It was our job to organise locations, actors, props and to ensure the film can be made, during this we had found 3 of the main locations we will be using.

We caught the performing arts staff whilst on break to ask about using some performing arts students in Josephs film, We had to message Ross about using them but came across some problems with them.

Our props are being sourced by Joe, which are personal items.
The problems we have faced are the lack of communication between us and the client.
This is often resolved by sending multiple messages.

One of our locations  was to take place in a public area so Joe had to email the melton county council in order to ensure filming permission.


with our planning permission in place filming in country park will take place in the dark afternoon of 3rd december.

With our client happy with all three locations we ended up working on getting our actors together.

Due to an unforeseen situation we lost a location,

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